Crab Island Boat Rentals

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Crab Island Boat Rentals & Tours

On any given afternoon, the waters surrounding Destin, FL, are alive with a flurry of activity. Pontoons, jet skis, paddleboards, and fleets of fishing boats cruise the Destin Harbor, Pass, and of course, Crab Island! Crab Island boat rentals and tours allow travelers to visit the famous sandbar without any worry. Worried about how you're getting to Crab Island? Looking to experience some extreme adventures on the water? Then a watersport rental or tour is what you need! Don't have a boaters license? Get yours online today with our preferred Florida boating course.

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crab island pontoon rentals

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Take the whole family to Crab Island aboard a multi-passenger Pontoon Boat! 12 passenger pontoon boats are great for a harbor cruise or a trip to Crab Island. With fuel, safety equipment, and instruction included in most rentals, it's an efficient way to explore the water and get you to the Crab Island sandbar safely. Pontoons are one of the most popular Crab Island boat rentals in Destin!

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crab island excursion

Crab Island Excursions

Don't worry about Crab Island Boat Rentals, these tours and shuttles have you covered! Choose from the top Harbor and bay shuttles, and Crab Island-specific tours. These are sure to not only get you to Crab Island in the Destin bay, but help you experience it to the fullest!

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destin cyclepub tour

Destin Boat Tours

Cruise your way through the Destin Harbor and Crab Island on an unforgettable boat tour. From luxurious, relaxing cruises, to high-speed adventures, discovered the best Destin Boat Tour to take you to Crab Island and beyond! While all of these tours are located in Destin, some may not travel to Crab Island. Be sure to inquire before booking.

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crab island snorkeling

Snorkeling Tours

Explore the underwater world of the Destin Harbor, Pass, and Crab Island! Destin Snorkel Tours take travelers to some of the coolest swim-spots for an up-close look at incredible marine life. You'll encounter schools of fish, sea turtles, sting rays, crabs, and maybe even sharks! Snorkeling is an unforgettable experience for all ages. While all of these tours are located in Destin, some may not travel to Crab Island. Be sure to inquire before booking.

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crab island sailing

Destin Sailing Charters

Sail through the beautiful waters of Destin, Florida, while exploring such destinations as the Destin Harbor, Jetties, Crab Island, and the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. From private charters holding only 1-6 of your closest companions, to passenger shooners with space for 37 guests, there is a sailing excursion for any occassion. While all of these tours are located in Destin, some may not travel to Crab Island. Be sure to inquire before booking.

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crab island paddleboard rentals

Stand-Up Paddleboard Rentals

A Stand-Up Paddleboard Rental is one of the best ways to get to Crab Island safely. With your rental paddleboard you will be able to cruise the Destin Harbor on your way to Crab Island. It's also easy to pull up on the beach for a relaxing stop, or get your exercise in after a long night out at Harborwalk Village!

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crab island shuttle

Crab Island Shuttles & Ferries

Head to Crab Island aboard a water shuttle, ferry, or water taxi. Be transported from a nearby shore to the heart of Crab Island, where you will be able to swim, play, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Destin's famous sandbar. Most shuttles run multiple times a day, dropping off passengers and remaining for a predetermined amount of time (usually 3-4 hours). Duration, watercraft, and perks vary from standard to luxury accommodations.

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destin jet ski rental

Destin Jet Ski Rentals

Race at speeds of 40+ MPH aboard a Jet Ski in Destin! Low rates and pristine equipment guarantee a fun and safe time on the water. Head to Crab Island for the day, and on the way there have some fun exploring the harbor and Destin's many bayous and secluded channels. Jet Ski/Waverunner Rentals are safe, easy to use, and come with fuel, and (typically) enough room to seat 2-3 people per unit! Image by Yamaha Watercraft Group at flickr

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crab island kayak rental

Kayak Rentals

Kayaking is one of the top ways to travel to Crab Island. Head out solo, or with a friend, partner, or close family member to Crab Island, the Harbor, or wherever else you want to go in your very own kayak. Not only is kayaking great for exercising while on vacation, it also transports you with more ease than a paddleboard, and more flexibility than a pontoon or center-console boat.

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crab island boat tour

Crab Island Boat Tour with Captain

Contracting a captain to guide you on your Crab Island journey has never been easier! Don't fuss with navigating, anchoring, and finding the best spot in the heart of Crab Island, let an experienced captain do it for you! From gassing up the boat, to keeping you and your group safe during the trip, a captain will serve as your guide to guarantee an incredible time at the Crab Island sandbar.

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